Pay As You Go CMO

Pay As You Go CMO

Introducing Pay As You Go CMO. The all in one marketing consultant for small business.

No more wasted, overspent, underspent, or non-existent marketing budgets. No more frustration from lack of results or lack of data. No more never-ending to do lists that honestly just add to the stress of business ownership.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get your business showing up in search results at the right time, showing the right information to the right people, in all of the right places.

Digital Dashboard by Town Marketing

The real time Digital Dashboard streamlines your business insights. Make informed business decisions, improve your ROI, and grow smarter.

CMO Strategy Sessions

One of the few meetings that should never be an email. Brainstorm, strategize, troubleshoot, optimize, problem solve, create, analyze manage, prioritize.

Paid Search & Social Campaigns

Not only will we help you navigate when to use Facebook vs. Google vs. Other, we will optimize and prioritize according to your budget and goals.

ROI Analysis & Optimization

Figure out where, when, how, and why to spend your marketing budget for optimal performance. Take a data-driven approach and ultimately grow faster.

Growth Recap: A Critical Review

Get a high level view of what's working, what's not working, and a strategic pivotal growth analysis on a quarterly and annual basis. It's fun.

Real Humans with Real Availability

We're available for email, phone, text, chat, office, video, brewery, café, and even board meetings. Plus, get a dedicated Slack channel on our Pro plan.

Cross Platform Strategy Support

No more agencies or teams working in silos. Streamline your marketing operations, strategies, and analytics. Less stress, lower costs, more growth.

Select a plan that works for your business needs and objectives.

Take control of your marketing and advertising regardless of where you are today. We work with budgets and teams of all shapes and sizes and are here to help you grow. Hire your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and pay for only what you use.


Implement some basic best practices.
  • Lite SEO
  • 1 Digital Dashboard account integration
  • 1 CMO Strategy Session per month
  • 20% management fee on paid search or social campaign spend (optional)


Achieve steady growth.
  • Essential SEO
  • 3 Digital Dashboard account integrations
  • 2 CMO Strategy Sessions per month
  • 15% management fee on paid search or social campaign spend (optional)​
  • Essential ROI analysis & optimization
  • Quarterly Growth Recaps


Grow your business faster.
  • Advanced SEO
  • 5 Digital Dashboard account integrations
  • Up to 4 CMO Strategy Sessions per month
  • 10% management fee on paid search or social campaign spend (optional)
  • Advanced ROI analysis & optimization
  • Quarterly & Annual Growth Recaps
  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Cross platform strategy and implementation support

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